Olive Oil

Parisians are beings of refinement and taste.

Bad luck for butter.

Butter is gross. And fattening. Parisians can’t deal with butter.

Thankfully enough, Parisians over the past decade have found out about olive oil.

Discovering olive oil has been a treat for most Parisians. First because it has allowed Parisians to start despising butter. It always feels good to despise a new thing. Especially for a reason: it is obvious Parisian knowledge that olive oil is so much better than butter. Parisians do believe that olive oil is not fattening. There are no nuisances whatsoever associated with olive oil.

Switching from butter to olive oil is a natural thing for the Parisian. Olive oil corresponds to a vision of the world he is simply more receptive to. Agriculture as a business conducted by professionals in a rainy region is suspicious to the Parisian. Too much suffering, work and weird smells involved. The Parisian much prefers a form of agriculture carried out under the sun of Provence by ‘un passionné’. So much better really. All in all, not only does olive oil do some good to the Parisian’s body, it also soothes his mind.

Only one other condiment comes with as much glow and sunny glamour as olive oil. That is balsamic vinegar. Anything made with ‘huile d’olive’ ou ‘vinaigre balsamique’ can only be good. Of course.

On the other hand, anything made with butter or ‘crème’ can only be heavy and fat. Other types of vinegars are for losers. If he really has to buy butter, the Parisian shall not indulge in regular butter. He will tend to opt for ‘beurre salé’ or ‘demi-sel’. Why? ‘Parce que c’est dix fois meilleur’. Of course.

There is no point reminding Parisians that all the dishes they fall for at a restaurant are made with significant amounts of butter and cream. Enchantment is rare enough a phenomenon in Paris to have any desire to blow its shiny bubble off.

Be it an extra-virgin bubble.

Useful tip: Avant-gardistes foodies are over olive oil. Grapes seed oil is their new thing.
Sound like a Parisian: « Tu vois, une petite salade, un filet d’huile d’olive, c’est tout simple, c’est hyper bon»