Quelques photos…The new O Chateau wine bar

Notre nouveau bar à vins est une petite merveille. 300m2 dédiés au vin et à la dégustation. A votre disposition: 3 salons privatisables pour vos événements pro ou privés, 4 grands vins au verre chaque soir, plus de 500 références, des cours d’oenologie quotidiens, une chef talentueuse, de la bonne musique et bien d’autres choses encore. pour vous mettre en appétit, quelques photos…





Le salon:

La Vinothèque

La cave.



A très bientôt chez Ô Chateau


Ô Chateau
68, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau – 75001 Paris
Tel: 01 44 73 97 80
Métro: Louvre-Rivoli (line 1) or Etienne Marcel (line 4).


It is beautiful, it is brand new and it just opened.

After 8 months of intense renovation, managed beautifully by my business partner Nicolas Paradis (big kudos to him), we are pleased to announce the opening of O Chateau’s new place. Our new 300m2 (3000+sq ft) space located in central Paris just 5 min from the Louvre is dedicated to wine, wine tasting & having a great time. Three tasting rooms and a really really exciting wine bar – all in the former hôtel particulier de la Marquise de Pompadour.

At the wine bar, we offer you daily nothing less than great 40 wines and Champagnes to try by the glass. Everyday, legendary names like Château Pétrus, Château d’Yquem,  Dom Pérignon or Krug by the glass. Old vintages, hard to get wines, single vineyards… we open them all for you at our “Bar à Grands Vins”. We also serve food: our Chef Tiffany Depardieu used to work at the Jules Verne and for pastry chef superstar Pierre Hermé. Those of you living in France might have seen her on M6 as she is a Top Chef contestant (still running…). So yup, great food, great wine, and – we like to believe so – really beautiful decor and also good music. Add friendly staff  and you’ll have a sense of the place we tried to create. Just a fun and beautiful place to come spend moments of quality with people you like.

Voilà – that’s the plan!!

Both Nicolas and I have worked like French people dogs to turn our little dream into a nice reality to share with everyone. Right now, we’re mostly sharing it with the banker so yeah, this shameless plug has no other ambition but to let everybody know that the new Ô Chateau wine bar is now open and that you should all come visit, tell your friends to come visit, tell them to tell their friends, Facebook it… As far as I’m concerned, I’ve tatooed our new address all over my back and I walk around Paris half naked.

We are open Monday through Saturday. From 2pm to midnight (2pm til 2am on Fri & Sat). We have free WiFi. Over 500 wines on our wine list. We serve wine & food all day and have a great evening menu for only 24€.  We can host private parties. We take reservations for groups of 6+ people only. Our wine classes in English and Champagne cruises & day trips are still happening and just as informative and fun as before. Look them up if you’re looking for something fun to do while in Paris.

It will be both Nicolas’ and my pleasure to see you soon at Ô Chateau.

Thank you for your continued support. Ô Chateau is such a phenomenal adventure – we are thrilled!!

Ô Chateau
68, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Paris 1st arrdt
Tel: 01 44 73 97 80
Métro: Louvre-Rivoli (line 1) or Etienne Marcel (line 4).




PS: Now you know why I haven’t been posting as frequently as I wished. But stay tuned: new fresh SPL articles coming your way soon. “Stuff Parisians Like”  – the book –  is being finalized these days with the publisher. Release date is July 5th. You can already pre-order the book at a discounted rate from Amazon. Gosh – what a year!!

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  1. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    I’m rather new to all things Chateau-esque but I’ve very much been enjoying myself getting to know your group through your website. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but, hey who ever gets tired of hearing it?, it’s very interesting, informative and humorous, not to mention well put together.

    Speaking of well put together, if the rumors are true that you’re really running around Paris half naked I may just book an early flight 😉 Although, come to think of it, half-naked night at O Chateau might bring in a pretty chunk of change, the bankers might approve?

  2. peter newman-legros
    peter newman-legros says:

    there appears to be half of you showing in the first photo though fully clothed! Félicitations on the opening of this splendid venture and whole-hearted good wishes for every success. Looks like a winner to me. Oh, and as we say up here in the wastelands of the Nord, Merde!

  3. P'titegoutted'O
    P'titegoutted'O says:

    Félicitations !
    L’ambiance et le cadre ont l’air bien agréables.
    Ne goutant du vin que très occasionnellement pour ne pas laisser passer une bonne bouteille se vider sans la gouter mais appréciant la bonne nourriture, il est possible de venir sur un coup de tête diner (moins de 6) et avoir un mini cours pour incultes du vin sur les vins conseillés avec les plats ?
    Si oui, je verrai ce que je peux faire côté banquier 😉

  4. Olivier Magny
    Olivier Magny says:

    Elizabeth… Than k you very much. Good idea too §(plus the banker is a she).
    Deja pseu… like that spirit!! See you then!!
    Elizabeth A… Ditto.
    Peter… Merci beaucoup. Toujours ce remarquable sens de l’observation… Touchons du bois!
    PtiteGoutted’O… Avec plaisir. Notre formule du soir est vraiment chouette. Et la possiblité de commander des verres de vin de grande qualité rend l’expérience passionnante d’un pointde vue oenologique… Et oui, ilk y a toujours un sommelier O Chateau (moiou un autre) pour présenter et mettre en lumière ce que l’on déguste…

  5. Lil
    Lil says:

    congratulations on the opening of the wine bar, which i have yet to drop by (but i will, at some stage) and yes, saw tiffany on top chef who’s now going into the final – exciting stuff!

  6. Orly
    Orly says:

    Felicitations Olivier! Very excited to finally be able to go! I hope I can remember everything you taught at the wine tasting…hmmm :)
    A bientot, alors.

  7. vlr
    vlr says:

    I don’t know, Olivier, that’s a whole ten-fifteen minute walk from my apartment and two whole arrondissements over…seems like a bit of an effort. I am not even sure I can be bothered to go to this party two floors up tonight.

    Do you have a pick up and delivery service?

  8. Lil
    Lil says:

    ops, just rewatched top chef ahead of final tomorrow. not sure why i was sure the other evening i thought tiffany went through. >< (between stephanie/tiffany/fanny, the names do get a bit confusing)

  9. Stéphan
    Stéphan says:

    ahhhh Olivier, finally will make it to Paris in 2 weeks !
    if you’re open daily, we might come around with some colleagues for a try !


  10. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Congratulations on the book and the bar :) I’ve been following your blog for a couple years and I adore it! I’m so happy you are doing so much, it seems you’re really going after your dreams, so American of you! I wish I had plans to return to Paris in the near future, unfortunately Florida is a very long way away…

  11. Ash
    Ash says:

    After weeks of looking for an occasion to try the place, I’ll check it tonight at last.
    Be sure that I will write an highly biased review of my experience by the end of the week !

  12. OneAnt
    OneAnt says:

    My wife and were at the old O Chateau in January and liked our wine tasting with Olivier so much we recommended it to others a few months later in March. I went with them and enjoyed some wine, escargot, and the charcuterie plate with a friend upstairs during their tasting. Food was excellent! And, of course, the Sancerre was amazing!

    On a side note, Olivier recommended a restaurant for cassoulet (Auberge Pyrénées Cévennes) for us before we left that the entire group went to that night. The people we met at the tasting in January we still keep in contact with. We even had dinner with one of the couples last weekend.

  13. Susan Barber
    Susan Barber says:

    Having read about O Chateau prior to my August trip to Paris, I knew this was one of the first places I would stop. When I found myself with an unexpected free day in Paris at the beginning of my trip, I walked, and walked, something I do every trip to Paris, walked for about 5 hours, and then walked over to O Chateau…it was a Sunday afternoon, a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the door was open, but O Chateau was closed…the dismay on my face must have been something because Olivier offered to pour some wine anyway…An hour or so later, having tasted 4 or 5 wines and a superb champagne, I asked about two places I’d thought about eating…he recommended one over the other, and I had an amazing meal that evening.

    I brought a friend back several weeks later when we were back in Paris and had the tasting…so great, and a really fun time for everyone participating, even Olivier’s former roommate, a Brit (oddly we ran into the two of them several days later in the 5th, strolling, like us, along the boulevard. I do have to report that despite earlier postings, neither was naked from the waist up, nor was the address and phone for O Chateau posted anywhere on Olivier…)

    Friends are in Paris now, and just emailed me, having had a Tasting Dinner last night with Olivier and the O Chateau folks…the email said amazing high end tasting, my interpretation – fantastic time worth every cent and euro…they enjoyed themselves enough to find a place to email me this morning…and they too can’t say enough great things about the experience they had at O Chateau, which was just like mine…Olivier goes above and beyond!

    Don’t miss O Chateau if you are an English speaker who loves wine, and great hospitality…looking forward to my next trip when can eat there too!

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