Scruffs - Stuff Parisians LikeParisian men are not to shave everyday.

Parisian men are to have a scruff.

A good scruff sends Parisian men to the very top of the sexiness scale. Men with a scruff are somewhere between Indiana Jones in Malaysia and Georges Clooney on a Sunday afternoon. Scruff makes Parisian men irresistible.

Parisian men want to be irresistible.

Parisian women love their men with a scruff. They love this itchy expression of adventure that grows on their men’s face. A scruff offers Parisians just the right dose of adventure. Civilized adventure. The look of adventure without the smell of it. Potentiality of things is more than enough in Paris.

In Paris, having a scruff is a social affirmation. A man with a scruff in not a tool of the corporate world. Scruff is a clear indication of freedom in Paris. The most high-end the places the Parisian man goes to with a scruff, the more powerful and confident he obviously is. The limit of scruff wearing is pushed everyday a bit further in Paris.

Though they love their scruff, it is important for Parisian men to go about saying they are tired of their scruff. They need to bitch about how they need to shave and how shaving is such an oppressive task. Parisian men will always shave before meeting up with their mother. It is obviously Parisian knowledge that to Parisian mothers, a scruff is a terrible thing.

Stuff Parisians Like - ScruffsScruff experts do not shave with a razor, but with a ‘tondeuse’. Use of ‘la tondeuse’ allows the most advanced Parisian men to keep a permanent ‘barbe de 3 jours’. With a bit of aesthetic talent and a sense of facial hair styling, Parisian men achieve this miracle: making 3 days last forever.

With just a scruff, Parisian men manage to attract women, express their inalienable freedom and stop time. Yet, their day hasn’t started yet. Now who can beat that?

Useful tip: Scruff with very elegant clothes is the absolute key to success in Paris.
Sound like a Parisian: « Ouais, faut qu’j’me rase… ».

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  1. La Belette Rouge
    La Belette Rouge says:

    I think you have clarified something for me. I am forever buying French beauty products hoping I will look more like a French woman. But, then I tell my He-weasel that he must shave. Perhaps that is my mistake. The three day beard works as an exfolliant stronger and more effective than any facial.;-)

  2. Anastacia
    Anastacia says:

    When people accuse me of being a weirdo for liking unshaven men, i am simply and nonchantly going to reply ” I just like civilised adventure”. Classic.

    I go to Paris for the clothing, the shops but I can’t help but check out the men, which are HOT. Must be just the right dosage of scruff.

    Can’t wait to go back again in Oct.

  3. Ewa
    Ewa says:

    Urban adventure I think this could be called. It is like seeing other remote countries via laptop while sitting on the sofa.
    I just realised the trick about it :)

  4. Olivier Magny
    Olivier Magny says:

    Anastacia… Funny! Also, very fw foreigners call French men HOT. Usually feminine or gay is what they get!
    LBR… Hello! I should start trainng programs on how to be French!!
    Jason… Maintaining a scruff takes special tools. And trust me, they don’t do it to get the guys!
    GSP… I’m scruffy today!
    Fawaaz… Moi aussi (surtout que je vois ma mère demain!!)!
    Ewa… I refuse to watch travel shows for that reason. Takes away the pleasure of discovery when you actually travel! But I still have a scruff!
    Linda… Sorta did already on the ‘foreign girls’ post! But there’s more to say, you’re right (…is there actually?).

  5. Sue
    Sue says:

    Your blog has quickly become my favourite! I lived in Paris for a year and still consider it my second home. Your posts are brilliant because they are true (and hilarious!

  6. Mlle Différentielle
    Mlle Différentielle says:

    Well, eventhough “scruffy” men may be attractive for a certain set of women, there is still a major inconvenience: my delicate cheeks always suffer terribly, because of the faire la bise. (And yes, if the parameters “pression mutuelle sur les joues”, “longueur des poils” and “vitesse d’execution” are not well chosen, it really hurts.)

    “Tu piques”-“Mwai, faut que je me rase…”

  7. Olivier Magny
    Olivier Magny says:

    Sue… Merci – c’est très gentil!!
    Carole… I’m not! 😉
    MD… poor little thing!! When you balance it out, you spend more time looking than touching though…
    Pinklea… and we have to suffer so our women can look hot! It’s a fair game in the end!

  8. Olivier Magny
    Olivier Magny says:

    Leesa… a wife finding her husband hot… how rare is that?!
    Badaude… I love pink shirts. Have like 4 of them!!!

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