And the winner is…

So after weeks of cyber-brainstorming, we found a title for SPL in French:

Dessine-moi un Parisien will be released November 4.

Just wanted you guys to know first. Let me take this opportunity to thank all of those who have contributed in the search for a title. We finally made it – so merci à tous.

I really like this title – and truly hope you do too.


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  1. craigkite
    craigkite says:

    And I thought you had taken the summer off…stumbling from cave to cave. It wasn’t all Pétanque and pasta, sailing and socca. And your parents always thought would NOT amount to anything in TWO LANGUAGES. Way to show them that a mis-spent youth with a trail of empty wine bottles can lead to a career. Great Work.

  2. Olivier Magny
    Olivier Magny says:

    Meredith… Merci. Well, fingers crossed. Been putting quite a lot of work into it, that’s all I can say – loving every bit of the adventure so far.
    Eleni… Merci. Yeah, I really like it too.
    Craigkite… Well, I did take two weeks OFF. No phone, no emails, no computer, no nothing. Felt fantastic. Now all of the writing is done. New adventure about to start. Can’t wait!!

  3. Robert
    Robert says:

    I enjoy your witty writings very much, but, as an English-only speaker, I ask when we might see the English version in print?

  4. Olivier Magny
    Olivier Magny says:

    Livordk… Great. Yup – right on time for Santa!!
    Stephan… Merci. Glad you like it. Can’t wait.
    Judy… Yup, see… Frenchies can be efficient when they want 😉 There will indeed be a strong common base between the French and the English version. Though lay out and illustrations will be quite different (most likely drawings vs. pictures). More articles too in the English version… Anyway, it is so exciting creating a book – really love it. The French one is the more advanced at this point. It is going to be a beautiful object. The publisher is really supporting the project and the whole team there is very enthusiastic about the book. I feel very privileged.

  5. Stéphan
    Stéphan says:


    this is an excellent reason for comming to O chateau !
    I’ll be in Paris two week ends till the end of the year, at least.

    I tell you when I can… and then we come !


  6. Olivier Magny
    Olivier Magny says:

    WRG… :-)
    PtiteGouttedod’O… Je ne l’avais jamais vu sous cet angle – rigolo. Lapsus calami peut-être?! Si je devais comparer le Parisien à un animal, le mouton serait c’est sûr dans le Top 5. Mais le Parisien n’étant pas le bobo, sans doute pas en première place.
    Stéphan… Do let me know when you come for a tasting – I’ll do my very best to present it myself. Late December should be super exciting times for us as O Chateau will have moved to a GREAT new space where we’ll hold our tastings and welcome our guests to our brand new wine bar (Boom – info exclusive pour les lecteurs de SPL 😉

  7. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    Olivier, I’ve been enjoying your blog very much and I’m sure your book will be wonderful. I love learning about France even from afar, especially by reading someone with a sense of humour! I hope some day I’ll get there for real and see it for myself, but that will be a while.

    I just want be helpful by pointing out two English sentences from your website which have mistakes:
    “Not a bad setting for a wine setting is it? We great options for tasting and learning about French wine in Paris.” – I think you want “Not a bad setting for a wine tasting, is it? We have great options…”

    Hope you don’t mind me pointing that out – I suppose you will be changing that page in December anyway because of your move. Congratulations on both of your successes!

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