O Chateau distingué par le Wine Spectator!Award of Excellence for O Chateau!

Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2013 for O ChateauParmi la fine fleur des étoilés parisiens, O Chateau est le seul bar à vins de Paris distingué par le prestigieux Wine Spectator. C’est une vraie récompense pour notre équipe de passionnés. A noter que côté prix, le Wine Spectator juge les prix pratiqués chez O Chateau “moderate”, ce qui confirme notre politque de coefficients mesurés.

Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2013 for O ChateauIt’s a great honor and a wonderful distinction for O Chateau to have been awarded the 2013 award of Excellence by the Wine Spectator. Amongst the crème de la crème of Paris Michelin starred big names, O Chateau is the only wine bar to have made the cut! Last but not least, judging our prices, Wine Spectator classified us in the “Moderate” pricing category. In short: delicious, plentiful and affordable wines!

Verres rainbow

Dégustations du tonnerre!Terrific wine tastings

Verres rainbowO Chateau est le spécialiste à Paris de la dégustation de vin. Dans notre superbe espace en plein centre de Paris, nous vous proposons chaque jour plusieurs types d’événements, pour les particuliers comme pour les groupes, en français ou en anglais, en journée ou en soirée. Nous nous tenons à votre disposition pour organiser avec vous l’événement dont vous rêvez.

 Dégustation/Evénement pour un groupepe

Dégustation/Evénement pour un particulier

Verres rainbowEveryday, O-Chateau offers several great wine tasting options that are both fun and informative. Be our guest for one or more of our tasting experiences- a wine and cheese lunch, a full dinner service or even a day trip or river cruise.  Each tasting is presented in English by an energetic and passionate sommelier who will guide you through each wine and gladly answer any questions you may have.

You’ll learn, taste, laugh and have fun, all while resting your feet from all the Paris walking you’ve done.

Just 5 minutes from the Louvre in a beautiful setting, come join us and experience wine in a whole new way! Make your reservations now!

Details and reservations >>

Réservez votre table pour dîner en ligneOnline dinner reservations now available

Reserve your Table online at www.o-chateau.comVous pouvez désormais réservez en ligne votre table pour dîner chez O Chateau en ligne. RDV sur cette page. puis choisissez votre menu et réservez depuis le confort de votre chez vous!!

Chouette, pas vrai?!Reserve your Table online at www.o-chateau.comWe’re delighted to announce that you can now reserve your table for dinner at O Chateau online. Just pick the menu you’d like to opt for on this page and secure your reservation from the comfort of your home!!

Cool beans, huh!!

O Chateau Distingué!Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2012

Le prestigieux Wine Spectator a récompénsé O Chateau pour l’excellence de sa carte des vins. Seuls 10 restaurants à Paris à ont reçu le Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. Les autres lauréats parisiens incluent: Le Plaza Athénée by Alain Ducasse, Taillevent ou La Tour d’Argent, faisant d’Ô Chateau l’un de seuls restaurants non étoilés à Paris à recevoir cette distinction.

Nous sommes très heureux de recevoir cette distinction qui récompense le travail de notre équipe de sommeliers.O Chateau is one of 10 places in Paris to have been granted the Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence for our wine list.

Other recipients include Le Plaza Athénée by Alain Ducasse, Taillevent or La Tour d’Argent, making O Chateau one of the only non-Michelin starred restaurants to receive this distinction.

We are thrilled and truly honored.

The word “décalé”

All French people agree that Parisians are not normal people.

Provinciaux deem that Parisians are below normal.

Parisians on the other hand know full well that they navigate far beyond the norm.

Such a striking opposition lies in the very definition each have of “the norm”. While outside Paris, the norm has to do with a set of values and behaviors, in Paris, it has to do with the populace: Parisians don’t see the concept, they see the numbers.

No matter how sorry the lifestyle of the Paris people may be, most will develop advanced reality-dodging strategies to convince themselves that they are not a part of the populace (“C’est tout petit mais le séjour est super lumineux“, “Le quartier est génial. Bon, faut pas rentrer seule le soir bien sûr, mais sinon c’est top”…)

The ultimate destination of their dodging artifices is to be found in the realm of culture. Thankfully for Parisians, while there is no such thing as a pseudo lifestyle, there is no shortage of pseudo-culture for Parisians to hope to harness their above-the-normness to. So Parisians tap endlessly into this fantastic source of easy differentiation. Conveniently enough, the more petty, the more superficial the artifice, the more differentiating.

But a city of impoverished wannabes gets the cultural and intellectual life it deserves: that of followers. The city of avant-garde, cultural boldness and creative brilliance is now populated by a militia of unsuspecting but zealous agents of cultural destruction. While Parisians no longer have the talent or the guts to truly think, act and invent accordingly, they have gained much comfort, even pride, in the thought of continuing, of adapting, of imitating. They don’t rebel, revolt or revolutionize, they reinterpret. What makes the norm is never questioned, instead, the dominant way of acting and thinking is always accepted as irremediably evident and thus only marginally adapted, harmlessly amended.

The adjective that epitomizes this evolution the most is “décalé“. Coolness in Paris lies in being off-beat. Everything can be décalé: a decor, a meal, a personality, a look, an idea, etc. Visitors ought to be cautious not to be push it however: being off-beat is utterly cool in Paris but questioning the beat shall be judged as extremism (or, if you’re white, as racism, even if the topic tackled has nothing to do with races).

All the freedom, identity and intelligence Parisians need lie in that tiny space between the norm and the “décalé“.

Parisians whom, as most Western urbanites, view themselves as educated, are oblivious to their staggering adoption and strict observance of this new norm: they are free and having fun.

Provinciaux are right: having turned into such unsuspecting tools, most Parisians are indeed far below the street smart common sense levels of normal people. Parisians on the other hand are not, as they like to believe, above the norm. They are merely the first victims and yet the relentless advocates of that new insidious and gooey norm they furtively carry.

The population of this brave new city sets an example that should pervade – normalize if you will – the rest of France and soon enough turn into the brave new country it ought to be: fully in-line and fully décalé, that is.

Sound like a Parisian: “Non, le truc était hyper décalé, vraiment, excellent!”

Useful tip: Impress your French friend by translating “let’s go” by “on décale”. (Neat argot for you!!)

94% de clients satisfaits94% satisfaction rate

C’est le score de O Chateau sur le site Trip Advisor!! Nous y sommes référencés depuis 8 ans, près de 500 avis déposés: 81% classent O Chateau “Excellent” et 13% “Très bon”.

En 2011, Trip Advisor nous a même accordé le prix de: “Best Food & Wine Destination”.

Ces centaines de clients satisfaits qui prennent le temps de partager leur enthousiasme sont une vraie fierté pour nous et une source de motivation pour continuer de vous servir chaque jour au mieux.

Si vous aussi vous souhaitez rejoindre la famille O Chateau, n’hésitez par à venir passer une soirée dans notre bar à grands vins – restaurant, à réserver Croisière Champagne sur la Seine ou à vous inscrire à une dégustation-cours d’oeonologie.

That is our score on Trip Advisor!! We’ve been listed there for 8 years, we have close to 500 reviews, and 94% of reviewers rated O Chateau “Excellent” (81%) or “Very Good” (13%). Trip Advisor even awarded us last year with their “Best Food & Wine Destination” distinction.

Our clients appreciation for the service we provide is our greatest pride.

Thanks to each and everyone of you.

If you want to join the fun, and support O Chateau, you may book your tasting here, your day trip to Champagne here, your Champagne cruise here, or learn more about our wine bar & restaurant here.

Une journée en Champagne!New Day Trip to Champagne!

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer le lancement de notre nouvelle excursion en Champagne. Marre de Paris? Besoin d’un peu d’air frais? Envie de déguster et d’apprendre une foule de choses sur le Champagne? Prête à enchaîner les visites de caves accueilli et guidé par des pros?

Ne cherchez plus, bloquez simplement une date sur votre calendrier. Détails et réservations ici.It is our pleasure to launch our brand new Day Trip to Champagne.
This news tour has many exciting highlights: luxury minivan, tasting lunch with proprietors of a winery, visit of Dom Perignon’s abbey… and many more. Always small groups of 8 and under. Learn more ans reserve your seats here.

Dîner de la St Valentin chez O Chateau – 14 février 2012O Chateau Valentine’s Dinner on February 14th

Quoi de plus romantique qu’un diner aux chandelles en amoureux, un bon repas, du bon vin, le soir de la Saint Valentin ?

Pour la première fois, nous allons célébrer la Saint Valentin chez O Chateau… Tout sera mis en oeuvre pour faire que cette soirée soit unique et très spéciale…
Notre chef a concocté un “Menu Rose” pour l’occasion, et bien sûr, nos vins “coups de coeur” du moment se marieront à la perfection avec chacun des plats.

Menu Rose
75 euros/pers

– Entrée –
Saumon poché et gingembre
Vouvray 2009 – Clos Baudouin – François Chidaine

– Plat –
Veau cuisson rosée, risotto rose, fagot d’asperges et sa tranche de lard
Vosne Romanée 2008 – Domaine des Perdrix

– Fromages –
(Option +13 euros)
Brie à la Truffe, Comté et Saint Nectaire
Crozes Hermitage 2009 – Clos des Grives – Domaine Combier

– Dessert –
Fraises en robe de chocolat
Champagne Rosé – Eric Phélizon

Attention les places sont limitées. Il est donc impératif de réserver votre table à l’avance.

Le service commencera à 21h, mais n’hésitez pas à nous rejoindre avant cela pour une coupe de Champagne au bar, ou pour expérimenter notre Cocktail à la Rose!

Pour réserver, envoyez nous un email à reservation(@)o-chateau.com avec votre nom et votre numéro de téléphone.
Ou bien appelez-nous directement au 01 44 73 97 80.

A très bientôt chez O Chateau !
What is more romantic than a candlelight dinner, face to face with your significant other, sipping delicious wine in the heart of Paris on Valentine’s day?
Stop looking, you came to the right place…
This year, for the first time, we are celebrating Valentine’s day at O Chateau, in our restaurant. Our Chefs created a very special gourmet “pink menu” for the occasion. And of course, we paired our “coups de coeur” wines with each meal.

O Chateau Valentine’s Dinner
75 euros/person
(13 euros extra for the Cheese course option)
– Entrée –
Poached salmon and ginger
Wine pairing : Vouvray 2009 – Clos Baudouin – François Chidaine
– Plat –
Pink veal, cream and tomato risotto, asparagus and bacon
Wine pairing : Vosne Romanée 2008 – Domaine des Perdrix
– Cheese –
Truffled Brie, Comté and Aged Saint Nectaire
Wine pairing : Crozes Hermitage 2009 – Clos des Grives – Domaine Combier
– Dessert –
Chocolate Strawberries
Wine pairing : Champagne Rosé – Eric Phélizon

Our whole place will be dedicated to love that night, but we will have a limited seating. So make sure to book your spaces in advance !
The service will have 2 settings : first one starting at 7PM, and second one at 9PM…. but feel free to join us before at the bar to experiment our special Rose Cocktail, or maybe just a glass or Champagne.

For booking shoot us an email at reservation@o-chateau.com with you name, contact phone, number of people attending the dinner and your preferred time of arrival. You can also give us a call : 0033 (0) 1 44 73 97 80.

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